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About Us - Dr. Gail Pavliga

About Dr. Gail

Dr.Gail Pavliga is a Board Certified and Licensed Clinical Christian Therapist with the American Association of Christian Therapists.(AACT. License #GP714119). She serves as a Christian Counselor and Life Coach at the Christian Counseling Alliance and Portage Christian Counseling Centers in association with the Evangelical Christian Church. Dr. Gail is an ordained minister with the Evangelical Christian Church. Dr. Pavliga is a graduate of the University of Akron where she holds a PhD in Education with an emphasis in Educational Psychology. In addition, Pavliga holds both Master's and Bachelor's degrees in Psychology from Kent State University.Pavliga has taught Educational Psychology at the University of Akron and at Oberlin College. Currently, Dr. Gail is an adjunct professor at Malone University in the Department of Professional Development for teachers, schools counselors and administrators. A published author, her book on social competence is available here on

In her professional practice at the Christian Counseling Alliance, Dr.Gail works with families, couples, individuals and groups. She also consults on leadership development, relationship dynamics, team-building and stress management with businesses, non-profits and ministries.

Dr. Pavliga applies her skills in Biblical Counseling with several common concerns such as family issues, couples therapy, individual counseling and parental, childhood, and adolescent concerns. Her specialties include: Spiritual life issues; dispute resolution and reconciliation; conflicted couples; parenting and blending families; relaxation; depression; sexual problems such as abuse, addiction recovery, identity issues, and couples issues. With her life coaching clients, Dr. Gail helps people discover their purpose, talent and direction God has for their lives. (click here for more information).


The major difference between state-licensed professional counselors and Christian counselors, who are licensed by the and under the authority of the Church (Body of Christ), is clear and well-defined. Dr. Gail is licensed with the American Association of Christian Counselors located in Tolar Texas, not a license recognized by Ohio statutory authority. The state licensed professional counselor is usually forbidden to pray, read or refer to the Holy Scriptures in their counseling sessions. The only time a state licensed counselor can involve religious (Christian) principles, morals, activities, etc., is if the counselee initiates or requests counsel in this area. Even then, the state licensed professional counselor could integrate secular methods such as psychotherapy in their counseling approach.

Opposite from that, Christian counselors are required to pray, share their faith, read the Holy Scriptures, etc. The fact that Christian counselors do these things creates a clear distinction. 

Dr. Gail Pavliga's ministry is in Association with the Evangelical Christian Church.

For more information about the Evangelical Christian Church or to report and concerns about Dr. Gail Pavliga please contact:

Presiding Archbishop of the Evangelical Christian Church is the Reverend Dr. Gary Barkman, who can be reached at 817-736-3041.

The Right Reverend Doctor Malcolm Patterson, Bishop & General Superintendent:

The Evangelical Christian Church

P.O. Box 143

Tolar, Texas 76476

Dayspring Ministry Group

123 E. Pearl St.

Suite 213

Granbury, Texas 76048




Glamorgan Professional Center

75 Glamorgan St. Suite 103

Alliance, Ohio 44601


330-472-2754 for Dr. Gail Pavliga

330-412-6545 for Hollie Bandy


Mon - Fri: 9AM - 8PM

Sat: 10AM - 5PM

Sun: By appt. only

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