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Personal Growth...Career Transition...Self-Empowerment…LifeTransformation

 Therapy or Life Coaching

Which is Right for you?

Therapy focuses on recovery from old wounds.

Life coaching focuses on evolving & moving forward toward joy and happiness.

Therapists are experts in medical sciences and diagnosing conditions.

Life coaches are experts in developing their clients’ strengths, talents and potential.

Therapy is geared towards clients in crisis, pain and suffering.

Life coaching is for individuals who have accepted their past, have taken responsibility for their life and are ready to move fully into their future!

You deserve to live a fulfilled, passionate and fearless life! A life coach provides the necessary support, guidance, and fresh perspective to help you achieve your goals. A therapist can help you get to a place of less hurting. By working with Dr. Gail you can:

v Discover your talents and gifts

v Find a career that you love

v Renew joy in your relationships

v Deepen your sense of self-confidence

v Replace limiting belief systems

v Bring more energy to your life

v Find passion in your life again

v Rediscover your fearless soul!

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